Scott Rocklage Has in No Doubt Cut a Niche in the Healthcare Industry Following His Dedication and Commitment

Boston, Massachusetts hosts one the world’s renowned chemist and healthcare expert, Scott M. Rocklage. He entered the field over three decades ago exuding impressive leadership, organizational and management skills over the years. He is known for driving Omniscan, Cubicin and Teslascan drugs to attain the FDA approval. Other drug candidates have reached clinical trials thanks to his efforts. Scott Rocklage boasts more than 30 patents to his name and over 100 publications that he has authored and co-authored. His background training has been very instrumental in his career journey. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry earned from the University of California in Berkeley. He also furthered his education in the area at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned his Ph.D. he used the laboratory of Richard R. Schrock who won the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his research.


Career Path


Scott Rocklage began his career in 1990 at Nycomed Salutor as the President and Chief Executive Officer. While still working there, he joined Nycomed Interventional Inc as the Chief Executive officer, President, and Chairman. He left the two posts in 1994 to join Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. He was the President of the firm until 2001 and Founding Chief Executive officer until 2003. He has also held leadership positions in Amersham Health, Ilypsa, and EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. He has worked in the Research and Developments departments at Catalytica and Salutar Pharmaceuticals. Scott has served on various boards including Relypsa, Inc., Cubist Pharmaceuticals Miikana Therapeutics Inc, and Pulmatrix, Inc. among others.


Current Work


Scott Rocklage became a Venture Partner at 5 AM Ventures in 2003 and a Managing Partner the following year. The firm as the name depicts supports companies in the healthcare industry at the early stages of their formation. Scott helps these entrepreneurs in realizing their ideas by offering the much-needed capital and information to set up their businesses. He is very committed to ensuring that healthcare needs are solved with ease.

Besides his role here, Scott Rocklage currently serves on the board of directors for various companies. They include Novira Therapeutics, Cidara Therapeutics Inc., Rennovia Inc, Nouscom AG, and Whitehead Institute.


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US Money Reserve Helping You to Secure Your Investment

US Money Reserve was recently involved in raising funds for the victims who were affected by the Hurricane Harvey. Together with Austin Disaster Relief Network, the managed to raise more than 219 thousand dollars. US Money Reserve is a distributor of precious metals and is based in Texas, Houston, and Austin among others. When the hurricane occurred, they quickly set up to start raising funds to assist the victims who were affected in Texas. They understood that rebuilding was an expensive affair and wanted to offer a helping hand for the recovery process. A lot of people benefited from these donations. Hurricane Harvey affected 39 thousand people in a span of just 6 days. Learn more:



US Money Reserve is a renowned private company in the United States for its distribution of silver, gold, and platinum that is government issued. It began in 2001 and is now one of the largest distributors of legal metals for the US government and other governments as well. Thousands of people rely on this company to get assets mostly in the form of gold and silver coins to expand and grow their assets. US Money Reserve has a team of experts that have been thoroughly trained to look for assets that are valuable and can make profits for their clients. They also offer sound and informed advice when their clients need advice. Their client base is over 400 thousand. The fact that they are trustworthy and reliable, they have expanded their customer base and maintained customer loyalty. Their product is exceptional and of very high quality.



US Money Reserve takes each client and treats them with special care according to their needs. They offer precious metals that are best suited for their needs. This company has a leadership that is grounded and experienced to make sure that they offer quality products and exceptional customer service to their clients. From the Business Consumer Alliance, they received a triple-A rating for being a trustworthy provider and running their business using proper ethics. This company focuses on making sure their clients have a peace of mind as they make financial decisions. Their coins are certified in purity by the U.S. government. The team at US Money Reserve has experience working with precious metals giving the buyers confidence in their products. They also offer a 30-day guarantee return policy if clients are not content with the products they have purchased.




Securus Technologies provides a platform where customers give feedback on the services offered by the company

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based digital technology company. It provides cutting-edge technology-based solutions to corrections facilities and law enforcement agencies across the country. The company was established in 1986. Besides their main offices in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies has offices in Allen, Carrollton, Atlanta, and Georgia. Initially, Securus was established with the aim of assisting public service agencies and business owners in monitoring their facilities. The company has invested heavily in technologies that have improved monitoring and communication in approximately 2000 corrections centers across the country.

Securus Technologies has a dedicated customer care center that provides real-time support to their customers. The company also ensures that their customers access critical information when they need it. The company has invested more than $600 million in technologies that will help to transform the corrections facilities and enhance public security in the country.

The company recently introduced a customer comment forum where clients can give feedback on the services offered by the company. Besides giving their feedback, customers can also point out areas where the company needs to improve on. The comments published on the company’s website came from both individuals and organizations. Below is a summary of some of the comments released by the management.

One of the respondents was happy that the call monitoring service installed by Securus Technologies helped them to detect corrupt officials in their organization and the necessary action was taken against them.

Comments from a corrections center indicated that they were able to use advanced technology provided by Securus Technologies to detect illegal drug and alcohol trade in their facility. One of the individuals involved in the crime admitted his involvement in the illicit trade in the centre.

Another client was impressed by the innovative products produced by Securus Technologies, and they stated that they are always eager for new products from the company. The company has built top-notch investigative tools that allow law enforcement agencies to carry out investigations on harassment easily.


Review of Dr. Avi Weisfogel Work on Treatment of Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an academic achiever, researcher, and renowned dentist. He has dedicated his profession to assist the patient with sleep apnea problem.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a medical condition that results in pauses during breathing when sleeping. The pauses that can last up to a minute may cause choking when asleep. Therefore, it may deny the victim to have a peaceful sleep. The sleep deprivation may lead to blood-shot puffy eyes as well as wrinkles in the face of an individual.

Anyone can be affected by the sleep apnea, and many people do not have any clue about the condition. However, studies show that overweight people are affected more. This effect may be as a result of airways blockage due to excessive fat in the victim tissue. Good news is that the problem has remedies. Therefore, a victim of sleep apnea is advised to seek medical attention from a specialist.

Most of the people suffering from sleep apnea tend to visit a general physician. However, the condition can also be treated by a dentist. Thanks to Dr. Avi Weisfogel who had a passion for assisting sleep apnea patient.

About Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Based in New Jersey, Dr. Weisfogel created a successful dentistry business early in his career. He graduated from the Rutgers University with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology. Also, he attended the New York University College of Dentistry for a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. In 1996, Dr. Avi Weisfogel began his career when he founded Old Bridge Dental Care. During his practice, he observed that some of his patients had sleeping disorders. He decided to focus on assisting such patient especially the sleep apnea.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel researched, trained, and invested in sleep disorder businesses. In 2012, he started the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. The program created a platform on brainstorming of expert views on sleep apnea. Later, Dr. Weisfogel launched the Dental Sleep Master’s Program. The program is tailored to assist people with sleeping disorders mainly through oral applied therapy. Also, the treatment involves oral application prescription that supports jaws when the patient is sleeping.

Waiakea Water Introduces Degradable Plastic Bottles

Waiakea water will be using a degradable bottle for packing their Waiakea Volcanic Water from next year. The 100% recyclable bottle uses TimePlast additive. TimePlast is a nano-additive for plastic degradation that reduces the lifespan of plastics from 1500 years to 15 years. Moreover, Waiakea will be the first company to use the nano-additive substance in making plastic bottles.

Making degradable bottles in the past was not possible because most of the research conducted on polymers embarked on making plastics stronger and not weaker. Companies focused on making the plastics degradable to reduce plastic pollution. Waiakea on the other hand chemically degrades the plastics during manufacture to hasten nature’s degradation process. The company converts the polymers into wax that is degradable.

Waiakea Incorporation invested heavily in creating plastics that shared similar qualities with the regular bottles. The company carried out approximately 1200 experiments over a span of five years to come up with the plastic. The company had a problem of obtaining a patent approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This was the first patent approval on plastic degradation. The cost of using TimePlast additive is negligible because it is added in the initial stages of the manufacturing process.Therefore, there are no expensive costs incurred in engaging in the environment friendly process.

Ryan Emmons founded Waiakea Incorporation in 2012. Ryan Emmons decided to start the company after drinking and realizing the Hawaii water was special. The company is the sole wholesaler of the Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. The water source is mainly rainwater and snowmelt coupled with moisture from Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii. The water acquires minerals like Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium after getting filtered through 14,000 feet of Mauna Loa volcanic rock. Waiakea distributes water to other countries and suppliers in need of pure, high-quality water. Waiakea water is the top volcanic bottled water company globally.

Waiakea plays a vital role in the community by giving back. In partnership with Pump Aid, the company is set to donate 650 liters of clean consumable water in Africa. Pump Aid is a charity that embarks on proving clean water to disadvantaged communities, especially in Africa.

Daniel Mark Harrison Creates His Niche as a Blockchain Investor

Daniel Mark Harrison is an individual who commands a lot of respect from his industrial peers, both in cryptocurrency and business realms. He has not confined himself to business alone. Rather, he is a blockchain advocate, author, publisher and a Bitcoin enthusiast. A direct descendant of the bloodline of the House of Harrison, the family behind the money-printing firm, Harrison & Sons, which De La Rue purchased in 1997.

He became the CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Ltd (DMH&CO) in 2015. He runs the company, managing his assets as well as those belonging to the family. Known for its global reputation, DMH&CO operates from its offices in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore, China.

On top of that, he is a managing partner at Blockchain funding companies Monkey Capital and Fintech. The former is a hedge fund investment that leverages in SpaceX supply contracts and Blockchain networks. It operates concurrently as a speculator in large crypto blocks, making it the first company of its kind to speculate on pre-ICO options.

The production of Ethereum-style gains by Monkey Capital has led to recognition by Chris Waltzek, a host in U.S nationally-syndicated radio, who gave it a six-out-of-five rating while in an interview with Daniel Mark Harrison.

On top of that, Huffington Post termed Monkey Capital a “billion-dollar baboon,” having reported that the company plans to raise a billion dollars or a higher sum, which will make it the first ten-digit fund to be raised for purposes of crowdfunding campaigns.

About Daniel Mark Harrison

Harrison is an entrepreneur and a prolific commentator on mainstream business and culture. He is the Board Chair and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Company (DMH&CO). He is also a managing partner of Fintech and Monkey Capital, a blockchain venture firm.

In August 2017, Monkey Capital announced the acquisition of for $500,000. The Bangkok and Singapore-based firm, Daniel Mark Harrison, initially inaugurated the company under the domain – before purchasing the domain. Harrison terms the move as profitable, as it will enable the firm to stretch out to the broader alternative asset markets, amid a time when Monkey Capital is receiving support from thousands of digital asset enthusiasts.

Besides, he maintains close interaction with his followers on his Twitter account, where he interacts with them, offering business insights.

A Closer look at Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is an successful and well known businessman. Mr. Chenevert is the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation. In addition, at one time Louis Chenevert was served as President of an organization called Pratt Whitney based in Canada.

Louis Chenevert graduated from HEC Montreal. Chenevert graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Production Management. HEC Montreal is directly affiliated with the University of Montreal.

During his tenure with United Technologies, Louis Chenevert held various positions before becoming CEO of the company. In early 2006, Chenevert was appointed Chief Operating Officer of United Technologies. Louis Chenevert was a valuable asset to United Technologies Corporation. He is now retired from United Technologies.

United Technologies specializes in making elevators as well as air conditioning systems. UTC is one of the most profitable technological organizations within the nation. Louis Chenevert helped UTC expand its operations and become even more well known than in previous years.

Mr. Chenevert currently serves as an Executive Adviser for Goldman Sachs. Louis Chenevert worked within the merchant banking division of Goldman Sachs. He was in charge of advising clients concerning aerospace and aviation issues.

Other Accomplishments

In addition to his business accomplishments, Mr. Chenevert was formally the Vice Chairman of “The Business Council” for a period of two years. Chenevert also received the “National Building Museum Honor Award”.

The US Trade & Aviation Magazine has published several articles concerning Louis Chenevert and his successful career. Mr. Chenevert has returned to HEC Montreal several times to speak at the graduation commencement ceremony. He is an recipient of an honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal.

Finally, Louis Chenevert has certainly made a name for himself within the business world. Chenevert is a true success in every sense of the word. Mr. Chenevert believes in giving back as well as contributing something useful. Therefore, Chenevert has also become actively involved in numerous charities and organizations. He has contributed large sums of money to charities that he holds near and dear.

Livio Bisterzo Brings Changes to The World Using Chickpeas

Hippeas is a natural snack tickling every American taste bud. The snack is manufactured by Green Park Holdings owned by Livio Bisterzo. Renowned investors who include Seth Rodsky of Strand Equity Partners and actor and conservationist Leonardo DiCaprio have invested in the tantalizing snack.

“Tastes good and do good” is the philosophy of the company that manufactures the tasty snack. Hippeas are made from organic chickpeas. The puffs are made with six various flavors. Their brand names are Far Out Fajita, Siracha Sunrise, Happenin Hickory, Maple Haze, Vegan White Cheddar and Pepper Power. The snack hit the stores in 2016, March and consumers received it well.

Last year the revenue of the company managed to increase to 2.5 million dollars, and Bisterzo is apprehensive that the figures will continue increasing to 11 million dollars this year. The CEO forfeited his shares in a tea line company and men grooming products to focus on Hippeas. When he introduced the snack in the market, the businessman was optimistic that it would be successful.

Currently, Hippeas is being sold in over twenty thousand stores. This includes renowned stores such as Albertsons, Vons, and Starbucks. By the end of 2017, Kroger Co. and Target Stores will also join the list. Bisterzo also sells his products in Britain where he has a store.

Bisterzo has partnered with a charity organization called Farm Africa, an organization aiming to end hunger in the globe and brings significant economic independence to the Eastern Africa communities in the rural areas. Proceeds from each Hippeas bag that is bought will be given to these farmers to finance their farming practices and subsequently end poverty. The natural organic snacks are very profitable and such brands are in huge demand all over the world.

The CEO of Green Park Holdings is Bisterzo. The Italian businessman is a serial entrepreneur who has managed to head numerous business ventures. That includes an event business, a consumer brand, and a hospitality business among others. Bisterzo started Green Park Holdings in 2015. Hippeas is the company’s first brand. The chickpeas brand was instigated in April 2016.

Securus Keeps Positively Innovating

I think Securus Technologies is doing good work. Yes, the company works within a complicated industry. But I think that the services this company provides our inmates supersede the fact that they make a few dollars in profit in doing so. So long as they keep their moral compass intact, I think Securus Technologies is good for our country.


Securus Technologies innovated video chat services for prisoners and their families. There is all sorts of positives that come out of this technological innovation. And it is so incredibly easy to use with a reasonable price. You just create an account with the company, log on and request a video chat time. You then wait for the time to be approved and you log back in at the appropriate time. This allows you to virtually visit with an incarcerated loved one from the comfort of your own home, at your favorite concert or during special family events.


It is much easier and much more affordable to video chat with somebody in prison than to physically visit them. Most families have to drive hours away from their homes and take days off of work in order to make a visit possible. That travel time also comes with certain costs such as gas and food. And that doesn’t even cover the stressful experience of subjecting yourself to a security screening and waiting inside of a cold, intimidating prison.


This technology is especially helpful for children. After all, losing a parent to incarceration can have the same psychological effect as the death of that parent. Video chat services mitigate any negative impact on the child. The child can visit with her parents in the comfort of their own homes, get help with homework and even invite the parent in during holidays. Securus innovates incredibly useful tools.


How To Become A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

Traveling Vineyard is a winery company based in Ipswich, Massachusetts. The company uses direct selling to market and sell the wine to its customers. The direct sellers are known as Wine Guides. Wine Guides pay a onetime fee after which they receive a Success Kit from Traveling Vineyard. The Success Kit contains wine education materials, tasting glasses, ten wine bottles for first tastings and sample accessories. Additionally, Wine Guides and interested people can access information from Traveling Vineyard’s website, which has training and support materials. Traveling Vineyard always aims to be ethical in all its business dealings. It is an associate of the Direct Selling Association. The DSA ensures that its member companies are accountable and follow all direct selling ethical standards. The DSA also safeguards the wellbeing of consumers and the salespeople employed by its member companies.

Traveling Vineyard follows the Party Plan technique of direct selling. In this method Wine Guides organize parties known as Wine Tastings. Wine Tastings are basically free in-home wine tasting parties. Wine Guides leverage their social networks to organize their own parties or via other hosts. The Wine Guides help hosts in organizing events and then showcase various wines to the guests. Guests can taste the wines and they can order wines that interest them. Traveling Vineyard is not a Multi-Level Marketing company. Wine Guides are not paid to recruit new sales people, they only earn money from marketing fees derived from their sales.

Traveling Vineyard makes it very easy for one to become a new Wine Guide. The company provides new members with training and support until they are comfortable working on their own. An added advantage of Traveling Vineyard is that Wine Guides can work from home or anywhere they choose. The path to becoming a Wine Guide begins with an interested individual sending an application to Traveling Vineyard. The applicant is then paired with an experienced Wine Guide who answers their questions and shows them how the job is done. Once the applicant is convinced on becoming a wine guide they are taken to the Tasting Room, which is Traveling Vineyard’s training center. One does not need to be physically present as all the Tasting Room’s content is available online. Traveling Vineyard also organizes an annual conference known as the Harvest Conference where speakers give details on new products and strategies for making successful sales.