Jason Hope – Sharing His Views On The Future Of Technology

Jason Hope, an Arizona-based Investor, author, investor, and entrepreneur, is recently noted sharing his knowledge and expertise in the field of technology. He says that the smart technology is a convenient option for most of the people today, but things are going to change drastically in the future as the Internet of Things starts to penetrate the market. He believes that the Internet of Things is the next big thing to hit the world of technology market in the future globally. It would not only impact the lives of the everyday people but would also change how the organizations and the companies function.

It is because the Internet of Things would make it easier to work in an integrated manner and make information available in real time. For example, in the public transportation sector, it would make a lot of information available that would be useful during emergencies and accident. Also, it would help people to choose public transit over private because the traffic would be more much more organized with the use of Internet of Things technology. In the lives of everyday people, the Internet of Things would change the usual way of doing things like the kitchen appliances, home appliances, and bathroom appliances would be programmed for personalized use, and more.

Jason Hope did his graduation in Finance from the prestigious Arizona State University and went on to study business at W.P. Carey School of Business where he got the MBA degree. He donates generously to SENS Foundation that does extensive research on anti-aging and is involved in finding a cure of terminal diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

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  1. At this point what I think is important in projecting the rise in Internet of Things is the thinking behind what Jason Hope makes of it. Also, trying to rush my essay sometimes has resulted in lower grade and performance so it is most times not recommended. Though with the other progress made, this will be negligible to measure and technology would continue to advance faster because of the IoT work.

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