Stopping Violence in Prison Using Securus Technologies

My job inside the local prison is being able to maintain a degree of safety for inmates, officers, and visitors. As a corrections officer, there is a not a day that passes where I am fighting to keep the peace between inmates and inmates, inmates and officers, and even visitors and inmates. Add into the mix weapons and drugs, and you have a deadly situation.


In order to lessen the incidents in jail, I have to work very hard at keeping all sorts of contraband from getting into the hands of these inmates. We start by putting a huge presence in the visitor center so inmates and visitors are not exchanging anything they should not be bringing into the jail. For those times things do get past me, we also mix in a few surprise cell inspections so that anything hiding in the cells are taken away from the inmates.


Securus Technologies was instrumental at installing our call monitoring system so we can keep tabs on what the inmates are saying on the phone. This has become a valuable resource in our efforts to stop violence because the LBS software can now do the job of several officers while we can still focus our efforts elsewhere. By focusing on two things at once, we can effectively lessen these violent outbursts substantially.


Already this year we have picked up on some chatter over the phone where inmates were talking in secret about getting illegal cellphones into their cells. Then we had instances where we picked up on conversations where inmates were discussing hidden weapons in the yard that were supposed to be used to initiate an incident between rival gangs. Each time we are able to get ahead of a dangerous situation, we make the entire prison safer for all occupants.


Bumble Is Now Offering A Bumble BFF

Bumble is always trying to reinvent the wheel and give both women and men the chance to try something new. They recently built a brand new in person space in New York to give women and men the chance to meet up for a nice genuine date but in this new swanky location. The space has chairs, tables, and comfortable sofas that are perfect for getting into a nice deep conversation. Bumble is very straightforward with the way they designed this entire place. Bumble has been known for being very successful in this business, and this place is going to open the door for dates and potential relationships to form.

Bumble is very creative, so they decided to create the new Bumble BFF feature where people can easily start swiping on those of the same gender and make new friends. This is the best way to make friends because it can open the door to meeting new people without having to leave your home. You can create online friendships in a heartbeat and open the door to accomplishing new things. Bumble BFF is very specific and great for making genuine platonic friendships.

There are new potential updates and new apps by the company that they would like to build. Things like BumbleBizz is definitely within the talks of being a potential option in the future because they want for people to connect and build their network. They do not want Bumble to be a place just for dating. They don’t want to shut out those who are looking to build more business and find their network connections.

Whitney Wolfe started her work on Tinder as one of the creators for that app. After leaving Tinder, she moved forward and decided to work together with another person to create her very own app, Bumble. With the way the app was designed, it became the one app that helped women stand up for who they are and give themselves the chance to govern their love life and choose who they wanted to be with. Bumble is changing the way dating apps bring people together.

Sheldon Lavin Has A Long List Of Charities OSI Group Helps

Sheldon Lavin has been the main reason why OSI Group has made the lists of top companies people love to work for. Since taking over the company more than 30 years ago, Lavin has brought a culture of hospitality and positive encouragement in every department and chain of command.

Under Sheldon Lavin leadership the company has gained billions in revenue from food sales and fast food restaurants have been able to deliver tasty, safe menus to their customers. But Lavin is also active in the Chicago community where OSI Group is based and makes sure their influence goes beyond the business world.

Non-profits that Sheldon Lavin is a part of include the Jewish United Fund, Inner City Chicago Foundation, Evans Scholarship Fund and the Ronald McDonald House Charities. He also loves music and arts and sits on the board at the Goodman Theatre. He has been named as one of the top visionaries in the food industry and business as a whole by India’s Global Vision Academy where he won the Global Visionary Award just this last year. Lavin is also active at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago.

Sheldon Lavin came to OSI Group, or Otto & Sons at it was known at the time because he saw a company that valued people the most in their endeavors. He started out as an Investment Banker who worked with wealthy clients and major investment funds. He stepped down from the big banks and decided to run his own financial consulting firm in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and it was then that Otto & Sons asked his firm to be the financial guide for their company. Otto & Sons had great plans to become bigger, but they needed someone with Lavin’s experience to help them make the right decisions.

Lavin was initially only a part-time financier for the company who had become the key partner for McDonalds in 1957. He didn’t want to become an owner initially because he felt finance and investing should be his only career focus, but when he saw how much potential Otto & Sons had to become great, he accepted the offer.

Sheldon Lavin officially became CEO and controlling owner when the original owners of the company retired and sold their shares to him.

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