A Digital Free Start To The Day Aids Doe Deere’s Creativity

As an entrepreneur, Doe Deere began her career selling her own clothing line via an Online marketplace, which is where the brand gained its name based upon the favorite color of Doe Deere. The development of social media marketing is another area where technology has been used to develop the Lime Crime brand based on the success of Instagram posts by the company itself and a loyal group of followers determined to show off just how beautiful the looks created using Lime Crime cosmetics can be. Despite much of her personal success being based upon the advances in Internet based technology over recent years, Doe Deere believes in removing the majority of digital based media and communications from her daily routine as she starts her day.


The morning routine of Doe Deere has been developed over a number of years with the entrepreneur herself understanding how her day can be improved by making sure she gets an average of nine hours sleep per night, a figure Doe has arrived at by understanding the demands of her own body. In terms of the digital detox Doe Deere undertakes each morning, her only concession is checking her calendar to make sure every day begins in a way that allows her to feel secure she will be prepared for every meeting or event she faces; Doe Deere explains her decision to remove the majority of digital communications from her morning routine is done to allow her the time to consider new ideas and plans she will explore throughout the remainder of the day. Doe Deere also keeps open an internal Lime Crime based chat app designed to allow members of the company to remain in touch in a safe and secure way throughout the working day.


Alongside preparing for the business day Doe will face, she also looks to make sure she herself is prepared to maintain the personal image she has developed much of the success of Lime Crime has been based on. Known as the “Queen of the Unicorns” to those who follow the blogs and social media posts of the Russian born cosmetics entrepreneur, Doe Deere spends a large amount of each morning preparing herself to attend her own Lime Crime offices by drinking a large amount of water to prepare her skin to fight against the dry climate of Los Angeles. Although her work as a leading cosmetics producer has led to her becoming a globally recognized figure in the industry, she does not limit herself to using Lime Crime products and recognizes the successful production of makeup products produced by those companies many would see as her rivals.


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