How To Become A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

Traveling Vineyard is a winery company based in Ipswich, Massachusetts. The company uses direct selling to market and sell the wine to its customers. The direct sellers are known as Wine Guides. Wine Guides pay a onetime fee after which they receive a Success Kit from Traveling Vineyard. The Success Kit contains wine education materials, tasting glasses, ten wine bottles for first tastings and sample accessories. Additionally, Wine Guides and interested people can access information from Traveling Vineyard’s website, which has training and support materials. Traveling Vineyard always aims to be ethical in all its business dealings. It is an associate of the Direct Selling Association. The DSA ensures that its member companies are accountable and follow all direct selling ethical standards. The DSA also safeguards the wellbeing of consumers and the salespeople employed by its member companies.

Traveling Vineyard follows the Party Plan technique of direct selling. In this method Wine Guides organize parties known as Wine Tastings. Wine Tastings are basically free in-home wine tasting parties. Wine Guides leverage their social networks to organize their own parties or via other hosts. The Wine Guides help hosts in organizing events and then showcase various wines to the guests. Guests can taste the wines and they can order wines that interest them. Traveling Vineyard is not a Multi-Level Marketing company. Wine Guides are not paid to recruit new sales people, they only earn money from marketing fees derived from their sales.

Traveling Vineyard makes it very easy for one to become a new Wine Guide. The company provides new members with training and support until they are comfortable working on their own. An added advantage of Traveling Vineyard is that Wine Guides can work from home or anywhere they choose. The path to becoming a Wine Guide begins with an interested individual sending an application to Traveling Vineyard. The applicant is then paired with an experienced Wine Guide who answers their questions and shows them how the job is done. Once the applicant is convinced on becoming a wine guide they are taken to the Tasting Room, which is Traveling Vineyard’s training center. One does not need to be physically present as all the Tasting Room’s content is available online. Traveling Vineyard also organizes an annual conference known as the Harvest Conference where speakers give details on new products and strategies for making successful sales.