Securus Keeps Positively Innovating

I think Securus Technologies is doing good work. Yes, the company works within a complicated industry. But I think that the services this company provides our inmates supersede the fact that they make a few dollars in profit in doing so. So long as they keep their moral compass intact, I think Securus Technologies is good for our country.


Securus Technologies innovated video chat services for prisoners and their families. There is all sorts of positives that come out of this technological innovation. And it is so incredibly easy to use with a reasonable price. You just create an account with the company, log on and request a video chat time. You then wait for the time to be approved and you log back in at the appropriate time. This allows you to virtually visit with an incarcerated loved one from the comfort of your own home, at your favorite concert or during special family events.


It is much easier and much more affordable to video chat with somebody in prison than to physically visit them. Most families have to drive hours away from their homes and take days off of work in order to make a visit possible. That travel time also comes with certain costs such as gas and food. And that doesn’t even cover the stressful experience of subjecting yourself to a security screening and waiting inside of a cold, intimidating prison.


This technology is especially helpful for children. After all, losing a parent to incarceration can have the same psychological effect as the death of that parent. Video chat services mitigate any negative impact on the child. The child can visit with her parents in the comfort of their own homes, get help with homework and even invite the parent in during holidays. Securus innovates incredibly useful tools.