Daniel Mark Harrison Creates His Niche as a Blockchain Investor

Daniel Mark Harrison is an individual who commands a lot of respect from his industrial peers, both in cryptocurrency and business realms. He has not confined himself to business alone. Rather, he is a blockchain advocate, author, publisher and a Bitcoin enthusiast. A direct descendant of the bloodline of the House of Harrison, the family behind the money-printing firm, Harrison & Sons, which De La Rue purchased in 1997.

He became the CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Ltd (DMH&CO) in 2015. He runs the company, managing his assets as well as those belonging to the family. Known for its global reputation, DMH&CO operates from its offices in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore, China.

On top of that, he is a managing partner at Blockchain funding companies Monkey Capital and Fintech. The former is a hedge fund investment that leverages in SpaceX supply contracts and Blockchain networks. It operates concurrently as a speculator in large crypto blocks, making it the first company of its kind to speculate on pre-ICO options.

The production of Ethereum-style gains by Monkey Capital has led to recognition by Chris Waltzek, a host in U.S nationally-syndicated radio, who gave it a six-out-of-five rating while in an interview with Daniel Mark Harrison.

On top of that, Huffington Post termed Monkey Capital a “billion-dollar baboon,” having reported that the company plans to raise a billion dollars or a higher sum, which will make it the first ten-digit fund to be raised for purposes of crowdfunding campaigns.

About Daniel Mark Harrison

Harrison is an entrepreneur and a prolific commentator on mainstream business and culture. He is the Board Chair and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Company (DMH&CO). He is also a managing partner of Fintech and Monkey Capital, a blockchain venture firm.

In August 2017, Monkey Capital announced the acquisition of Monkey.com for $500,000. The Bangkok and Singapore-based firm, Daniel Mark Harrison, initially inaugurated the company under the domain – Monkey.capital before purchasing the monkey.com domain. Harrison terms the move as profitable, as it will enable the firm to stretch out to the broader alternative asset markets, amid a time when Monkey Capital is receiving support from thousands of digital asset enthusiasts.

Besides, he maintains close interaction with his followers on his Twitter account, where he interacts with them, offering business insights.