Fabletics Beats All the Odds

There’s a new marketing craze swiping the globe. Crowd-sourced reviews have become today’s customers’ favorite tool when researching potential purchases. This change in consumer behavior allows newer businesses to compete with larger, household name brands.

Since the power shift, customers have changed the way companies market to them. It sounds weird, but a lot of people trust online reviews more than traditional marketing and advertising strategies. This means that the savviest brands adopted more review-centric marketing strategies. These strategies involve embracing customer opinions and feedback.

Modern consumers’ trust in online reviews is astounding. In fact, many national and international studies show that consumer trust online reviews, written by strangers, just as much as they trust the personal opinions of people they know. Every year, the number of people relying on user reviews rises.

Marketing always relied on one simple necessity: trust. The truth is people don’t trust traditional advertising as much as personal opinions from other customers who’ve already used the product or service. There’s more honesty in a review written by an average person just sharing their opinion of a product or service.

Consumer reviews are the reason that some companies seem more popular than they actually are. It’s a lot easier for companies to get ahead of the competition with expertly placed sponsored-ads. That’s why smarter brands endorse, but do not sponsor, non-sponsored reviews of their products or services.

Fabletics is one such smart brand. They’re always more than happy to show potential members to any number of blogs that review their activewear and accessories. Arguably, it’s how they’ve become so popular in such a short time frame. The other key to their success is Co-Founder Kate Hudson.

While some say that Hudson’s affiliation with the brand is the only reason it’s successful, the truth is she’s an invaluable executive. She works hard with every department at the company to bring Fabletic’s members the best products. Her goal: to inspire every woman to look and feel her best while also embracing a healthier lifestyle.

Speaking of lifestyles, Fabletics has a free lifestyle quiz that allows non-members to get a peek at what items Fabletic’s personalized service would recommend for them. One thing that Fabletics has over the competition is a variety of styles and an abundance of products.

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