Livio Bisterzo Brings Changes to The World Using Chickpeas

Hippeas is a natural snack tickling every American taste bud. The snack is manufactured by Green Park Holdings owned by Livio Bisterzo. Renowned investors who include Seth Rodsky of Strand Equity Partners and actor and conservationist Leonardo DiCaprio have invested in the tantalizing snack.

“Tastes good and do good” is the philosophy of the company that manufactures the tasty snack. Hippeas are made from organic chickpeas. The puffs are made with six various flavors. Their brand names are Far Out Fajita, Siracha Sunrise, Happenin Hickory, Maple Haze, Vegan White Cheddar and Pepper Power. The snack hit the stores in 2016, March and consumers received it well.

Last year the revenue of the company managed to increase to 2.5 million dollars, and Bisterzo is apprehensive that the figures will continue increasing to 11 million dollars this year. The CEO forfeited his shares in a tea line company and men grooming products to focus on Hippeas. When he introduced the snack in the market, the businessman was optimistic that it would be successful.

Currently, Hippeas is being sold in over twenty thousand stores. This includes renowned stores such as Albertsons, Vons, and Starbucks. By the end of 2017, Kroger Co. and Target Stores will also join the list. Bisterzo also sells his products in Britain where he has a store.

Bisterzo has partnered with a charity organization called Farm Africa, an organization aiming to end hunger in the globe and brings significant economic independence to the Eastern Africa communities in the rural areas. Proceeds from each Hippeas bag that is bought will be given to these farmers to finance their farming practices and subsequently end poverty. The natural organic snacks are very profitable and such brands are in huge demand all over the world.

The CEO of Green Park Holdings is Bisterzo. The Italian businessman is a serial entrepreneur who has managed to head numerous business ventures. That includes an event business, a consumer brand, and a hospitality business among others. Bisterzo started Green Park Holdings in 2015. Hippeas is the company’s first brand. The chickpeas brand was instigated in April 2016.

Securus Keeps Positively Innovating

I think Securus Technologies is doing good work. Yes, the company works within a complicated industry. But I think that the services this company provides our inmates supersede the fact that they make a few dollars in profit in doing so. So long as they keep their moral compass intact, I think Securus Technologies is good for our country.


Securus Technologies innovated video chat services for prisoners and their families. There is all sorts of positives that come out of this technological innovation. And it is so incredibly easy to use with a reasonable price. You just create an account with the company, log on and request a video chat time. You then wait for the time to be approved and you log back in at the appropriate time. This allows you to virtually visit with an incarcerated loved one from the comfort of your own home, at your favorite concert or during special family events.


It is much easier and much more affordable to video chat with somebody in prison than to physically visit them. Most families have to drive hours away from their homes and take days off of work in order to make a visit possible. That travel time also comes with certain costs such as gas and food. And that doesn’t even cover the stressful experience of subjecting yourself to a security screening and waiting inside of a cold, intimidating prison.


This technology is especially helpful for children. After all, losing a parent to incarceration can have the same psychological effect as the death of that parent. Video chat services mitigate any negative impact on the child. The child can visit with her parents in the comfort of their own homes, get help with homework and even invite the parent in during holidays. Securus innovates incredibly useful tools.


How To Become A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

Traveling Vineyard is a winery company based in Ipswich, Massachusetts. The company uses direct selling to market and sell the wine to its customers. The direct sellers are known as Wine Guides. Wine Guides pay a onetime fee after which they receive a Success Kit from Traveling Vineyard. The Success Kit contains wine education materials, tasting glasses, ten wine bottles for first tastings and sample accessories. Additionally, Wine Guides and interested people can access information from Traveling Vineyard’s website, which has training and support materials. Traveling Vineyard always aims to be ethical in all its business dealings. It is an associate of the Direct Selling Association. The DSA ensures that its member companies are accountable and follow all direct selling ethical standards. The DSA also safeguards the wellbeing of consumers and the salespeople employed by its member companies.

Traveling Vineyard follows the Party Plan technique of direct selling. In this method Wine Guides organize parties known as Wine Tastings. Wine Tastings are basically free in-home wine tasting parties. Wine Guides leverage their social networks to organize their own parties or via other hosts. The Wine Guides help hosts in organizing events and then showcase various wines to the guests. Guests can taste the wines and they can order wines that interest them. Traveling Vineyard is not a Multi-Level Marketing company. Wine Guides are not paid to recruit new sales people, they only earn money from marketing fees derived from their sales.

Traveling Vineyard makes it very easy for one to become a new Wine Guide. The company provides new members with training and support until they are comfortable working on their own. An added advantage of Traveling Vineyard is that Wine Guides can work from home or anywhere they choose. The path to becoming a Wine Guide begins with an interested individual sending an application to Traveling Vineyard. The applicant is then paired with an experienced Wine Guide who answers their questions and shows them how the job is done. Once the applicant is convinced on becoming a wine guide they are taken to the Tasting Room, which is Traveling Vineyard’s training center. One does not need to be physically present as all the Tasting Room’s content is available online. Traveling Vineyard also organizes an annual conference known as the Harvest Conference where speakers give details on new products and strategies for making successful sales.

A Digital Free Start To The Day Aids Doe Deere’s Creativity

As an entrepreneur, Doe Deere began her career selling her own clothing line via an Online marketplace, which is where the brand gained its name based upon the favorite color of Doe Deere. The development of social media marketing is another area where technology has been used to develop the Lime Crime brand based on the success of Instagram posts by the company itself and a loyal group of followers determined to show off just how beautiful the looks created using Lime Crime cosmetics can be. Despite much of her personal success being based upon the advances in Internet based technology over recent years, Doe Deere believes in removing the majority of digital based media and communications from her daily routine as she starts her day.


The morning routine of Doe Deere has been developed over a number of years with the entrepreneur herself understanding how her day can be improved by making sure she gets an average of nine hours sleep per night, a figure Doe has arrived at by understanding the demands of her own body. In terms of the digital detox Doe Deere undertakes each morning, her only concession is checking her calendar to make sure every day begins in a way that allows her to feel secure she will be prepared for every meeting or event she faces; Doe Deere explains her decision to remove the majority of digital communications from her morning routine is done to allow her the time to consider new ideas and plans she will explore throughout the remainder of the day. Doe Deere also keeps open an internal Lime Crime based chat app designed to allow members of the company to remain in touch in a safe and secure way throughout the working day.


Alongside preparing for the business day Doe will face, she also looks to make sure she herself is prepared to maintain the personal image she has developed much of the success of Lime Crime has been based on. Known as the “Queen of the Unicorns” to those who follow the blogs and social media posts of the Russian born cosmetics entrepreneur, Doe Deere spends a large amount of each morning preparing herself to attend her own Lime Crime offices by drinking a large amount of water to prepare her skin to fight against the dry climate of Los Angeles. Although her work as a leading cosmetics producer has led to her becoming a globally recognized figure in the industry, she does not limit herself to using Lime Crime products and recognizes the successful production of makeup products produced by those companies many would see as her rivals.


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Madison Street Capital Continues To Impress

Madison Street Capital is in the news again for yet another positive reason. Managers from a company in the Midwest, Vital Care, have applauded Madison Street Capital for all their hard work. This Midwest medical company was in need of a large emergency loan, so they could keep their medical practice going. Being a new medical company, and a private company for that matter, Vital Care was having a very hard time getting a loan, especially a loan with a low-interest rate. Learn more:



Before giving up, Vital Care contacted Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital instantly contacted their exclusive lending partners. In no time, Vital Care obtained the large loan they needed with a very low-interest rate. Additionally, Vital Care received a promise that they can borrow more money from their landed if needed.  Learn more:


The Madison Street Capital reputation is becoming more and more known around the world. They now have so many clients they have to turn many individuals and businesses today. Beyond getting people and businesses loans, Madison Street Capital is also known for winning financial awards. There are organizations springing up every day that exist to give awards to companies doing outstanding business. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital has won many awards for how quick they solve problems for their customers and the wonderful attitude they have while getting the job done. They have also won awards for transforming the loan market. This transformation was put into place to help common people instead of lending institutions. In turn, this exposed certain lending institutions for being corrupt with their high-interest rates and high monthly payments.


When Madison Street Capital is not engaging in business, they spend their time giving money to local charities and donating their time to feeding the poor. Government officials from Chicago always give praise to Madison Street Capital for all they do for the city of Chicago. Learn more:


Wild Ark – article recap

Modern Day Tarzans & Janes

We live in a world where nature is in constant threat of destruction and eventual extinction. Some choose to watch it and report on it and some actually choose to roll up their sleeves and try to do something about it. One such group of people are the folks who run Wild Ark. Wild Ark is an organization founded to help preserve endangered habitats. They do this by finding greenbelts, especially those that still have a significant amount of wildlife, and take necessary action to protect it. The group also provides opportunities for researchers to get a close look at it and do the necessary research. Learn more:

Starting with the founders of Wild Ark, Mark, and Sophie Hutchinson, everyone who is part of the team has one thing in common despite their diverse backgrounds. They all have a passion for nature, outdoor life and have dedicated their life towards this field. In fact, Mark Hutchinson puts it best when he explains why he started the organization when he says he wants to leave behind a better natural habitat, compared to what he found, for his children. A native of Sydney, Australia, he holds multiple degrees and he spends most of the time doing outdoor activities such as trekking and surfing. Learn more:

Wild Ark is unique compared to many other similar organizations in that they offer field trips and excursions into the wild. They are conducted in a responsible way so as to not disturb or harm wildlife habitat. It could be called “Responsible Ecotourism” where participants get a close look at nature, learn and contribute towards the cause. Wild Ark has carefully picked some of the most popular destinations for participants who want to get close to nature, without damaging anything. Most of the popular destinations are in Africa, in countries such as Botswana and South Africa. Learn more:

Stopping Violence in Prison Using Securus Technologies

My job inside the local prison is being able to maintain a degree of safety for inmates, officers, and visitors. As a corrections officer, there is a not a day that passes where I am fighting to keep the peace between inmates and inmates, inmates and officers, and even visitors and inmates. Add into the mix weapons and drugs, and you have a deadly situation.


In order to lessen the incidents in jail, I have to work very hard at keeping all sorts of contraband from getting into the hands of these inmates. We start by putting a huge presence in the visitor center so inmates and visitors are not exchanging anything they should not be bringing into the jail. For those times things do get past me, we also mix in a few surprise cell inspections so that anything hiding in the cells are taken away from the inmates.


Securus Technologies was instrumental at installing our call monitoring system so we can keep tabs on what the inmates are saying on the phone. This has become a valuable resource in our efforts to stop violence because the LBS software can now do the job of several officers while we can still focus our efforts elsewhere. By focusing on two things at once, we can effectively lessen these violent outbursts substantially.


Already this year we have picked up on some chatter over the phone where inmates were talking in secret about getting illegal cellphones into their cells. Then we had instances where we picked up on conversations where inmates were discussing hidden weapons in the yard that were supposed to be used to initiate an incident between rival gangs. Each time we are able to get ahead of a dangerous situation, we make the entire prison safer for all occupants.


Bumble Is Now Offering A Bumble BFF

Bumble is always trying to reinvent the wheel and give both women and men the chance to try something new. They recently built a brand new in person space in New York to give women and men the chance to meet up for a nice genuine date but in this new swanky location. The space has chairs, tables, and comfortable sofas that are perfect for getting into a nice deep conversation. Bumble is very straightforward with the way they designed this entire place. Bumble has been known for being very successful in this business, and this place is going to open the door for dates and potential relationships to form.

Bumble is very creative, so they decided to create the new Bumble BFF feature where people can easily start swiping on those of the same gender and make new friends. This is the best way to make friends because it can open the door to meeting new people without having to leave your home. You can create online friendships in a heartbeat and open the door to accomplishing new things. Bumble BFF is very specific and great for making genuine platonic friendships.

There are new potential updates and new apps by the company that they would like to build. Things like BumbleBizz is definitely within the talks of being a potential option in the future because they want for people to connect and build their network. They do not want Bumble to be a place just for dating. They don’t want to shut out those who are looking to build more business and find their network connections.

Whitney Wolfe started her work on Tinder as one of the creators for that app. After leaving Tinder, she moved forward and decided to work together with another person to create her very own app, Bumble. With the way the app was designed, it became the one app that helped women stand up for who they are and give themselves the chance to govern their love life and choose who they wanted to be with. Bumble is changing the way dating apps bring people together.

Sheldon Lavin Has A Long List Of Charities OSI Group Helps

Sheldon Lavin has been the main reason why OSI Group has made the lists of top companies people love to work for. Since taking over the company more than 30 years ago, Lavin has brought a culture of hospitality and positive encouragement in every department and chain of command.

Under Sheldon Lavin leadership the company has gained billions in revenue from food sales and fast food restaurants have been able to deliver tasty, safe menus to their customers. But Lavin is also active in the Chicago community where OSI Group is based and makes sure their influence goes beyond the business world.

Non-profits that Sheldon Lavin is a part of include the Jewish United Fund, Inner City Chicago Foundation, Evans Scholarship Fund and the Ronald McDonald House Charities. He also loves music and arts and sits on the board at the Goodman Theatre. He has been named as one of the top visionaries in the food industry and business as a whole by India’s Global Vision Academy where he won the Global Visionary Award just this last year. Lavin is also active at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago.

Sheldon Lavin came to OSI Group, or Otto & Sons at it was known at the time because he saw a company that valued people the most in their endeavors. He started out as an Investment Banker who worked with wealthy clients and major investment funds. He stepped down from the big banks and decided to run his own financial consulting firm in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and it was then that Otto & Sons asked his firm to be the financial guide for their company. Otto & Sons had great plans to become bigger, but they needed someone with Lavin’s experience to help them make the right decisions.

Lavin was initially only a part-time financier for the company who had become the key partner for McDonalds in 1957. He didn’t want to become an owner initially because he felt finance and investing should be his only career focus, but when he saw how much potential Otto & Sons had to become great, he accepted the offer.

Sheldon Lavin officially became CEO and controlling owner when the original owners of the company retired and sold their shares to him.

Learn more about Sheldon Lavin on

The US Money Reserve Hosts New Show

The latest venture that the US Money Reserve has done so that they can help their customers is create a TV show for them to be able to enjoy all of the benefits of the products that they offer. On the show, customers can ask questions about things and then the US Reserve is able to give them a direct response.

This is a great way for them to advertise the things that they offer and to also be able to provide one more level of customer service for all of the people who they work with. It helps customers have a better understanding of the currency products that the US Money Reserve has to offer.

When it comes to the US Money Reserve, they are one of the top sellers of currency in the United States. As a private business, they are able to help people have a better understanding of the options that are available to them.

They are also able to make things better for the people who they serve. The way that the US Money Reserve works is by providing people with all of the latest currency that they can purchase for their collections. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The US Money Reserve, as one of the top companies in the United States for providing currency options, is working to make sure that they are providing options for their clients. They know what people want and they do what they can to be able to provide it to them no matter what type of currency they are looking for.

The excellent customer service that they provide is something that keeps people coming back to continue purchasing all of the options that they have. Depending on the options that they have, people can choose which type of currency they would prefer to purchase from the US Money Reserve company.

In an effort to make things even better for all of the clients that they serve, the US Money Reserve is doing what they can to show people that they are capable of doing more for the currency situations.

They have recently set out on an effort to provide things like a brand-new website, the TV show and various options for all of the customers who they work with. It allows them the chance to make sure that they are giving back to the customers who are able to give options to them.